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InstaCamera Pro v1.20 play.google.com.camera.pro

Required Android O/S : 2.2+ 

InstaCamera is the quickest way to take a photo with your phone.
There's no long process: just press the widget and it takes a photo, then closes just as quickly.

Why should I pay for this when there's a free version?
* This one's quicker. Like, seriously 'turbo computer-brains Skynet' quicker
* There are no ads
* You can choose the folder your images get saved in
* Because you want to say "awesome!" with money
Why is it so awesome?
InstaCamera is perfect for when you want to take a photo but there's tons of pesky seals and squirrels and dogs around who you KNOW are gonna pop up in front to spoil the shot. And then they're all, 'oh, I was smelling something' but really they're jealous of your Android phone and opposable thumbs and want to ruin your whole day with their stupid faces. But you've got a super-fast camera app, so you've snapped a photo before they've even decided which face to pull. Take that, nature!
Even though the app is super-simple, you can change how it works. Open the settings (the wrench icon on the widget) and you can make these adjustments:
* choose the folder your photos get saved in
* take multiple shots in a row (up to five)
* mute the shutter sound
* change the photo resolution (default is max)
* set the focus mode (including fixed, infinite, auto and macro focus modes)
* set the shutter delay (from not-even-focusing to two seconds) in case your camera hardware needs extra time
* stay in camera mode after taking instant photos (then you touch the screen to take more, and back button to quit)
There are two widgets: the 1x1, which is just the camera button, and the 2x1, which has a camera button and a settings button.


Download APK
http://fileband.com/cs3r9d0pfy4k.html instaCamera Pro v1.20

http://filemac.com/b9qvcf4b2hwr.html InstaCamera Pro v1.20