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Photo Mate v7.05 play.google.com.pictureinfo
Photo Mate offers a high-quality preview of various image formats (jpg, png, cr2, psd, ...) as well as other raw formats. View image files up to 100 MP in great quality!
Compatility notice: If you encounter crashes/force close, please deactivate the option "Render folder content" in the preferences.

Set a slideshow of your favourite images as a live wallpaper on your desktop! Shake the device to switch the image.

Get all interesting exif-data from all your files files like camera model, iso, aperture, exposure + exposure-time and other available information.

Works for almost every camera-data.

If available, you can get the position where the image was taken shown in Google Maps.

You can also show a histogram to get the overall brightness of your image. In addition, you can see over/under-exposured areas highlighted right in the image!

Use Photo Mate to navigate through your photo collection. The view is separated into two parts (Image-List + Image-Information) - plain and clear.
Rate your favourite images - and filter them to show only your best pictures in a slideshow or even on a map.
You want to show some of your pictures to friends or the family? Use the nice-looking slide show option.
Convert raw-pictures or other file format to jpg or png.

Use the batch-progressing features to copy and/or convert a whole image folder (for example, convert all raw images to jpg images).

View a folder of images on the map! With geotagged images, you can look where you took them! (Most phones automatically tag images)

Calibrate your display colors to get a better quality or see how an image looks printed.

Current supported File Formats:
  • jpg: Full Resolution + Exif
  • png: Full Resolution
  • ico: Full Resolution
  • psd: Depending on Filesize Full Resolution (max Size ~20MB) or thumbnail
  • tiff: Depending on Filesize Full Resolution or no image
  • cr2 (Canon Raw): Full Resolution + Exif
  • nef (Nikon Raw): Different Resolutions + Exif
  • arw (Sony Raw): Full Resolution + Exif
  • rw2 (Panasonic Raw): approx. 2 MP
  • orf (Olympus Raw): approx. 2 MP
  • dng (Digital Negativ, Raw Format): Depending on "inner" file type + Exif
  • pef: (Pentax Raw): approx. 1 MP
  • 3fr (Hasselblad Raw): thumbnail + Exif
  • raf (Fuji Raw): Different Resolutions
What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 17, 2012)
  • Check out the app-video for new features
  • Fixed bug when rotating the device
  • Extended rating filter
  • Much faster raw-decoding
  • More raw-files supported/overall support improved
  • Rendering folder content
  • Faster scrolling
  • Support for XMP-Ratings
  • Better usability
  • Several bugfixes
  • Improved support for PSD-files
  • Support for reading exif-thumbnails
Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Download : 1Mb APK