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Ultimate Fingerprint Lock PRO v1.5 play.google.com.ultimatelockpro

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Keep prying eyes from your phone using virtual biometrics (Fingerprint Scanning) to unlock your phone. This visually stunning application works by granting access to those who have the appropriate security clearance and denying those who don't!

BONUS: If you have a front-facing camera on your device - this app can take security pictures of unauthorized users!

Make sure to read the introduction text to fully understand how to use this app. It does NOT actually read your fingerprint - it requires a special trick to unlock the device. The trick is set within the settings (touching one of the four corners) and then touching the unlock area (fake fingerprint scanner).


  • Fingerprint Lock Screen
  • Set Time to Scan Fingerprint
  • Take Pictures of Unauthorized Users (saved to photo album)
  • Set Unlock Area
  • Disable Back Button
  • Turn Sound FX On/Off
  • Review unauthorized access attempts
  1. Set the "Unlock Area" within the application settings.
  2. Set any other settings you desire.
  3. To modify the settings later - click the app icon after you unlock your device.
  • When unlocking your device, press the designated unlock area that you set within your settings. (one of the 4 corners of your device)
  • Now scan your fingerprint. IT should show "Access Granted"
What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 15, 2012)
  Fixed Issues:
    ✔ Fixed some issues people were having with picture capture feature
    ✔ Fixed some F/C issues
    ✔ Added a "sound feedback" to the secret area
    ✔ Added Fan Page / Activate from Settings Screen
  Known Issues:
   ✔ Unauthorized access picture capture isn't working properly on all devices. - We're on it!
   ✔ Picture taking only works on devices with front facing camera. - Get a better device!
   ✔ Occasional Force Close - We're on it!